About us

The Farmet tillage machines have been known for over 25 years for their long life, excellent workmanship and ease of use.

The Farmet Softer disc harrow impresses with its simple structure and simple operation. The machines are available from 3-12.5m (9-42ft) to seed cover crops, reseed grass, herbicide, fertilizer or even canola in one pass.
Also, a lot of organic farmers using the softer for tilling, wheat control, seeding, breaking in a lot of applications.

The frame is made of Farmet’s well-known extra steel line, where all structural elements and moving parts are made of extra hardened steel.

The machine does not have any malfunctioning maintenance points.

The basic equipment for the North American market includes an extra heavy 540mm / 400mm double roller, 22-inch jagged discs attached to extra large heavy cast iron arms with maintenance-free bearings.

Since the discs can stand at a perfect angle to the ground with a class-low diesel consumption and power requirement of about 10 hp per ft and even the slow 1-10mp/h (2-14 km/h) working for uneven fields is possible.

Due to the large windows and the hydraulically adjustable working depth from the cab, it is possible to work 1/2 – 6 inch deep for a wide range of jobs, such as the incorporation and mixing of harvesters, fertilizer or manure to ensure.

Due to the extended use, it is possible to equip the machine with our MDS (Micro-Drill System) with which it is possible to seed cover crops, herbicide, fertilizer or even oilseed rape in one operation. This gives the farmer the opportunity to use the disc harrow various applications and to ensure a very high utilization throughout the year.

We use the machine for years on our own farm “ perfect “.